This is what Geoff Gibson on DIYGamer had to say about us and Finger Footie…

Never say that indie developers don’t know how to capitalize on a good opportunity when it presents itself as we’ve already seen our fair share of indie games based on the upcoming mage-popular world sporting event known as the World Cup, where people gamble all the time at the best online bitcoin sportsbooks with No Deposit Bonus, and are always trying to get 30 bet offers. Finger Footie is no different really, well maybe it is a little

Finger Footie is an indie soccer game being developed for release on June 11th (to coincide with the start of the World Cup). The game is pretty simple, you’re playing soccer after all. But there are some key differences between this game and other soccer-minded games, like FIFA all over the casinos. For one, your using all touch controls. This means you’re swiping to pass and shoot. The game also takes advantage of the iDevice’s tilt capabilities where you’ll physically tilt the device in order to put a nice swerve on the ball.

While I can’t actually comment on the gameplay, I will say that the method of controlling the ball peaks my interest somewhat. Maybe enough so that, in between FIFA bouts and actual games during the World Cup, I’ll actually be willing to play something on my iPod Touch. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Finger Footie launches on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on June 11th for a not-yet-disclosed price.