Finger Footie Footage

Here is some gameplay footage from our upcoming game Finger Footie. The game will be available on the App Store this June, and will be on special sale ($1.99) for the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2010.

  • srini

    nice concept. Would have been cool if you could double tap on the screen and the game would zoom in to a area near the finger press (like how safari works on browser on the iphone).

  • /

    Yeh we did try that… but in the excitement of a game, double taps will lead to unwanted zooms, also you need something simple n quick like a double tap for something obvious in the game… like a pass (long pass in our case)… Zoom isnt something you would do very often, so pinch zoom worked well for us, you generally set a zoom and go with it for a while… besides most iphone users r pretty comfortable with pinch zoom, so we thought it would be nice.