A Train of Thoughts









lost… yet retained.

These are just some of the thoughts that come to mind while thinking about… thoughts.

What form does a thought take? How is it sustained? How do millions of thoughts co-exist? How do they interact? When do they become ideas or beliefs? When do they warrant action?

The symbolic journey of a thought is an interesting idea for a game. At this point however, “Its Just a Thought”.


  • Micheal

    Looks good. Post some videos so that we can look at the gameplay.

  • Niharika

    Sounds exciting. Cant wait for the “thought” to materialize

  • /

    Thanks Micheal, Niharika… Video is coming up soon :)

  • Farheen Darwesh

    What a brilliant concept!! Cant wait to see what the game is going to be like! Sooper excited!

  • Arun

    Very interesting. The screenshot has really piqued my curiosity. Please share more details!

  • /

    Yes more details and a video coming soon…

  • Priyanka Pereira

    The game has got me ‘thinking’. When is it going to be out? And how does one play it?

  • /

    Priyanka, the game will be out in October

  • Priyanka Pereira

    awesome Slash. I have a gut that it is going to break all records…. The concept is just sooo awesome and I am sure it will target a wider audience

  • /

    Thanks Priyanka, we hope so too :)