A thought is born…

In a world of chaos, I go unnoticed
Born from reason, it is now I exist
Towards a vague haven, I move focused.
Enduring as I traverse these season of colors.
I retaliate, I fall, yet memories of past help me continue.
My goal, closer than infinity; mocks me.
End is but inevitable, I shall soon be reborn.
As a thought in your mind.


  • Farheen Darwesh

    That is AWESOME! Just wish it was available for the Android too. Im going to force my frnds to download it so i can play!! \m/. Cant wait to play it! :D

  • /

    Thanks Farheen, Hopefully we will do an Android version too :)

  • Jitesh Panchal

    I love this already! Guys…….this is what I call Pure indie :) congratulations to everyone at YMS \m/ This is gonna rock!

  • /

    Thanks Jitesh :) good reviews from industry veterans at Ubisoft is just what we need :)

  • Arun

    The gameplay video is fantastic! Love that art style! How soon can I get my hands on it?

  • /

    Thanks Arun… We just entered it to IGF today… we hope to release the game soon… we are targetting a november/december release

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  • cindu

    this is awesome….love it!!!

  • /

    Thanks cindu!

  • gaurav

    cool, cool stuff. hope it rocks !!!

  • /

    Thanks Gaurav