Indie Pub Games

Just entered It’s Just a Thought to the indiePub Games Mobile Game contest. A Grand prize of 25k USD and four 1k USD prizes are waiting. There are some good games out there too, but the competition doesn’t seem as stiff as IGF since there are much fewer entries. :P

Speaking of games, Chess is one of the most played games, with no age restrictions, and a fun way to pass the time! As you continue enjoying this game, you’ll realize the need to get yourself better- beautifully crafted, top-quality- chess sets. Trust me; the modern sets out there will make even your younger ones, and other on-lookers want to play this game. If you are a pro gamer and love chess, then youwant to buy a chess set that has minimal magnetism power so you don’t put too much effort when moving around the chessman.

Check out It’s Just a Thought on indiePub Games also, be sure to catch the other entries