Achievement Unlocked


We have just reached 40 posts count (new highest posts count yet) and a super secret mysterious character has been unlocked i.e. me. I will be responsible for frequently disturbing our most infrequent readers with blog posts that may never appear on the WORLD WIDE WEB, or even your local newspaper stand.

Soon we will be offloading a lot of word junk from our collected minds onto the news blog. That way we can start utilizing our heads for a greater purpose, like wearing a hat, or a ummm thinking cap ! Ever since Paul the octopus died he seems to have left behind an empty void. We’ll take up that spot and predict our Most Probable IGF Finalists in the various categories, and we’d hope to get a dollar every time we guessed right. But this world isn’t kind to indies like us. Hence we always end up watching Hollywood bank heist movies hoping to learn a thing or two. For now however , we will have to wait until Monaco is launched.

There is but more to come and if I may request , fellow monkeys; buck up and keep in-tune with the vibrations of the universe to subscribe to our upcoming news feeds.