The need for three

The games industry has seen many sequels in the coming year, however only few of them have enjoyed the success that their predecessors did when the original I.P. was released. The recently announced DMC5 has gone ahead and completely overhauled their character sketch for Dante, who usually pepped up dishing out wacky one liners has now turned into a dark and expressionless character. Reminds me of the “Magnum” look of Edward Cullen from Twilight. Only few I.P.’s like Half-life, God of War, G.T.A. have seen success at a larger scale with their sequels. Lets take a look at God of War 3 and the things that made it stand out even when its gameplay has repetitive monster encounters or QTE driven boss fights. Oh and you can always #blamebogost if you find any spoilers ahead, which we assume is a fair warning.


  1. Innovation from the AAA industry.
  2. It is not everyday that we get to see something new from the AAA industry. Some things really stood out in God of War .


    a. The mystery of the green gem aka The Isometric view puzzle – God of War 2 used the green gem as a time manipulation tool. This sequel it has something to do with space and perspective. I have seen many indies explore the relation between the player and the view with which he sees the world. This relationship can be the basis for an interesting puzzle mechanic. In this particular puzzle the view switches from a perspective view into an isometric view similar to the picture below.

    Yes the level has paths of flowing water too

    The rules of the level change according to the view you are in. Keeping a mind map of the way we see things is definitely mind bending. This puzzle was no exception.
    b. Head lights – It was amazing to see light mechanic in God of War 3. Doom 3 used it for a futuristic setting but must I say that it definitely feels better in the Ancient Greek setting. Playing in the dark gave a different feel to this brutal action game.
    c. Fear Level aka Max Payne Blood trail – Expecting a brutal boss fight at end game is a natural reaction for those of you who have played previous God of War games. However God of War 3 tries to send across a higher message with its end game scenario similar to the Blood trail level from Max Payne.
    d. Disposable Flight Mechanic – I have always wanted to use enemies in our games more than just to be dodged or killed. Maybe its something that we can take help from for a limited amount of time. Harpies in God of War 3 served that purpose. You could swing onto them and use them to get across pits before ripping their belly apart.


  3. Accessibility – God of war 3 on a PS1 controller.
  4. It is obvious that God of War 3 must have “more” of everything with the same control schemes. But I must applaud the fact that even after having 8 different weapons(along with their respective platforming mechanics), all were easily accessible without having to look twice at the control scheme. Probably this is one of the first games I have played that allows for quick switch whilst performing a weapon attack so you wont have to worry about crowd control.


  5. A success story.
  6. Its not easy rewriting history, having a parallel story about Ghost of Sparta blends exceptionally well in the Greek mythology. It may not be accurate to the teeth, but its modified well to fit another character. Having creatures like Medusa/Chimera, using powers from mythology itself (Golden Fleece) and bosses like Titans/Gods has helped in creating a memorable story.