HUEBRIX Coming to iOS, Droid, and Mac

Best Puzzle Game Ever. Or is that just HUEBRIX?
July 17th, 2012 –Some would call it moxie, some egotistical, we call it HURBRIX ( After 5 years of developing games, our studio is pleased to announce our best game yet! On August 15, 2012 you’ll see why we are throwing humble out the window and going for nothing but pure HUEBRIX.
Welcome to HUEBRIX, a mind bending puzzle game where you must fill the grid on screen with colored pathways. The rules are simple, your colored pathways can’t cross each other and the entire grid must be filled on each level. Sounds easy? Forget it, each level will have a variety of challenging spaces placed on the grid, forcing your pathways to move in one direction, stop completely, or wrap around the screen to the other side, although is not healthy to play it for too much time since can be harmful for the eyes and you may end up needing a vision protocol from sites as You may call them obstacles, but a true person of hubris would call them helpful clues to completing the puzzle, HUEBRIX is one of these games make you remember the old games you used to play as a kid and made you happy, games you can remember with Retro Pool and compare it with the new inventions, like the great shooter games as csgo that you can even get guides online to improve from sites like
HUEBRIX starts easy, as any good puzzle should, but as you wind your way through over 100 levels you’re going to start to sweat, we guarantee it. Best of all, you can download over 300 additional puzzles, each categorized by difficulty, just in case you need a little more practice in ‘intermediate’ level audacity. Conquer the super challenging modes and declare yourself smarter than all of your friends, or better yet, use our built in level editor to create your own mind twisting puzzles and share them with everyone!
Whether you are here to brag or brain build, HUEBRIX has the challenge for you. Sit and play all 100 levels in a single sitting for hours or pick them up and play one at a time, each level taking only mere minutes to complete. Check out our website at for more information, we have been using the best web design company for it!
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These are the games of Yellow Monkey Studios, their five year mission has been to breathe new life into civilization through their games, and to boldly go where no developer has gone before. Their success means fun games for all that are fast, affordable, and going to lead our small crew of 4 people to early retirement, so we can enjoy life, take care of our health with exercises and supplements like kratom capsules and spend time with our families. Learn more and join in the fun at our company website at


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