Career Chat with Yellow Monkey Studios

The Gyani Guy recently had a chat with us to know about Game Design and Development as a career path.


  • prathamesh

    i need to learn game devlopment

  • Tanmay

    I am currently doing Computer Engineering and now I am in 3rd year. I am geniunely interested in game designing since I am good with creativity and I have a good drawing hand. I want some guidance from you.
    Some of my Questions:
    1.Which are the best institutes? ( More than the ones told in the video)
    2.Doing the course outside India makes difference?
    3.What skills I should deveop and what should I keep doing, since I have 1 year in hand to get my Engg degree?
    4.What things should be in my portfolio?

  • Prashant Narwankar

    hi slash, my son has just cleared his 10th exams and will be pursuing his 11th and 12th. after 12th he wants to join seamedu college in pune which offers game designer development degree course. he is crazy about creating games so am really not sure what to tell him as i do not have any idea about this industry. I had suggested him to do computer engineering or if he is good then do IIT in computers after 12th and then go for post graduation in game designing.
    please can you guide me.