You Who

Last week Manu was sick, so Krishna and me decided to have our very own little Game Jam. Both of us would work on our own games on Game Maker that were infinite, could playable on smartphones, were one hit kill and about finding oneself. You Who was my attempt at that. It is fairly crude. The level generation logic is random and needs a lot of work. I don’t think I am pursuing it any further at the moment, but is actually a difficult games as many of the games you can play online, which has their level of difficulty as League of Legends, and that’s why people also go to sites online as Elitist Gaming to get boosting on their games so they can level up in a more faster and easier way, and for playing this games they use monitors with IPS since IPS displays show some of the most vibrant colors of every game. Want more about online gaming? Try this website.


You must escape the darkness. If you collect yourself you get some bullets to push the darkness back. If you bump into others you will shrink and eventually succumb to the darkness as well.
Move the mouse around to move around and left click to shoot when you have bullets.

  • ADK

    .exe eh?