Indian Games Industry

Every year the NGDC would have a “State of the Games Industry Panel” where big numbers would be thrown and everyone would paint a happy picture. Sadly, I was never convinced! Where were the good games? It seemed like we were an industry forever stuck in denial with a tonne of poor quality games mostly based on bollywood or cricket.
However this year, to me, was a refreshing change. The overall quality of everyone’s games on the floor was so much better! It was very heartening to see that there may be light at the end of the tunnel and it may not necessarily be the oncoming train. As the year draws to a close, I feel that two people have emerged who I will keep a close eye on, Apoorva Joshi and Vidhvat Madan.
Apoorva’s game Socioball was runner up in the Student Game of the Year category at the NGF Awards 2013, also his game The Drill is Gone was 2nd place in the BYOG game jam at the NGDC 2013. He has been making games for a while, somehow they skipped my radar :(
Vidhvat’s game, Lovely Planet, (which I had the pleasure of playtesting for a day) is tight, imaginative, colorful and really out there. Infact, he just got covered on Kotaku as I write this post.
And there is Diptoman Mukherjee, whose games I have not yet got around to play, but they look prominsing indeed!
Tanmay Chinchkar’s ongoing Project Heera is also something to watch out for.
Then there will be so many more who I have missed!
All in all things look better, and I hope we see lot more awesome games from the Indian dev scene in the future.

  • Mridul pancholi

    Oh my my. Yam inspired
    I am a Game maker ..maker?? ahem ahem
    I am an 14 year adolscent…..duh and i am learning Game Maker since 2010, I am game dev, pixel artist, game designer. Can you please tell me how can i contact you by anything facebook, gmail, etc(rest are piece of shi.. uh you know the drill) as I am freaking thrilled(why?, cause you know that its hard to find someone that follows the same passion in India specially) to find out about how many indie devs are there are in this country. Vidhvat’s game was played by Pewdiepie, Diptoman’s game came 2nd in Yoyogames game Jam – mridul pancholi aka (dont have i descent indie alias name T_T)

    btw are you participating ludum dare 33