Socioball is coming…. Merry Christmas

It’s been over a year since I posted anything here. Somehow I haven’t really taken to blogging very well. But we finally have a release date for Socioball and that is January 15th 2015. We hope to see you download the game and Play, Create, Tweet. :) Merry Christmas, for our family it is an awesome one since we got excellent quality pool tables for our kids as their gift, they love it, they also got toy cars, and and skateboard or even a longboard when you find if is a longboard safe to ride, which it is when you learn to ride it properly, so they’re happy.

  • Max Thornton

    Can you post some guidance on how to create and share levels ? The level editor is cool, but I don’t understand how to save in progress level designs between sessions. Do I have to create levels in one sitting?

  • Margot Collins

    It would be great if we could see what a puzzle created with the editor looks like & how
    it plays before deciding to share it. It’s currently not clear what it means
    to “lock” a square. Otherwise, I’m enjoying the game.