Our Apology to Socioball Players – Twitter has moved to jpgs

First off, thanks for playing and supporting Socioball and for all the levels that everyone made!
Unfortunately Twitter has moved to jpgs and the compression is killing our level sharing solution. After some debate we have decided to not support the game further and will be taking down the level share features and we are really sorry for that. As long as the existing tweeted levels are still on png format on Twitter, they will still be playable. Thank you for your patience! I hope everyone had fun with the game. The game itself will continue to be available on the store with the pre-packaged levels.

Socioball is coming…. Merry Christmas

It’s been over a year since I posted anything here. Somehow I haven’t really taken to blogging very well. But we finally have a release date for Socioball and that is January 15th 2015. We hope to see you download the game and Play, Create, Tweet. :)

Indian Games Industry

Every year the NGDC would have a “State of the Games Industry Panel” where big numbers would be thrown and everyone would paint a happy picture. Sadly, I was never convinced! Where were the good games? It seemed like we were an industry forever stuck in denial with a tonne of poor quality games mostly based on bollywood or cricket.
However this year, to me, was a refreshing change. The overall quality of everyone’s games on the floor was so much better! It was very heartening to see that there may be light at the end of the tunnel and it may not necessarily be the oncoming train. As the year draws to a close, I feel that two people have emerged who I will keep a close eye on, Apoorva Joshi and Vidhvat Madan.
Apoorva’s game Socioball was runner up in the Student Game of the Year category at the NGF Awards 2013, also his game The Drill is Gone was 2nd place in the BYOG game jam at the NGDC 2013. He has been making games for a while, somehow they skipped my radar :(
Vidhvat’s game, Lovely Planet, (which I had the pleasure of playtesting for a day) is tight, imaginative, colorful and really out there. Infact, he just got covered on Kotaku as I write this post.
And there is Diptoman Mukherjee, whose games I have not yet got around to play, but they look prominsing indeed!
Tanmay Chinchkar’s ongoing Project Heera is also something to watch out for.
Then there will be so many more who I have missed!
All in all things look better, and I hope we see lot more awesome games from the Indian dev scene in the future.


Goodbye Krishna Israney aka indieus aka kaiserbreath :'(
Good Luck for all your future endeavours


You Who

Last week Manu was sick, so Krishna and me decided to have our very own little Game Jam. Both of us would work on our own games on Game Maker that were infinite, could playable on smartphones, were one hit kill and about finding oneself. You Who was my attempt at that. It is fairly crude. The level generation logic is random and needs a lot of work. I don’t think I am pursuing it any further at the moment.

Link: http://www.yellowmonkeystudios.com/You_Who.exe

You must escape the darkness. If you collect yourself you get some bullets to push the darkness back. If you bump into others you will shrink and eventually succumb to the darkness as well.
Move the mouse around to move around and left click to shoot when you have bullets.