You Who

Last week Manu was sick, so Krishna and me decided to have our very own little Game Jam. Both of us would work on our own games on Game Maker that were infinite, could playable on smartphones, were one hit kill and about finding oneself. You Who was my attempt at that. It is fairly crude. The level generation logic is random and needs a lot of work. I don’t think I am pursuing it any further at the moment, but is actually a difficult games as many of the games you can play online, which has their level of difficulty as League of Legends, and that’s why people also go to sites online as Elitist Gaming to get boosting on their games so they can level up in a more faster and easier way, and for playing this games they use monitors with IPS since IPS displays show some of the most vibrant colors of every game. You can also check out Manhattan escape room to learn more about games that has its own theme and story. Want more about online gaming? Try this website.


Night Club Sniper

Sometime back when I was in a Night Club and totally out of my comfort zone, I got an idea for a game. I can’t dance to save my life and I took this concept literally. Imagine you had to play a sniper whose job is to kill the guys in the Night Club who can’t dance. This was the seed of the idea for Night Club Sniper.
Around that time, Yorrick Mendes decided to join forces with Yellow Monkey. I pitched the idea to him as a warm up project/prototype and he liked it. We began prototyping it on Unity. We got some cool free “Clubby” tracks from royalty free music sites and we setup a basic prototype with our music top desks for home use. Inside a night club you could see from a first person view, a bunch of dudes dancing and when it comes to music you can learn more here. Each song would be broken up into “sections”. Each section would have a set number of legal steps and exactly one dude would be completely off timing with his dance. The key difference between this game and a Whack-a-Mole is that here everyone would be doing a different legal move. You would also have a bunch of laser lights which would look exactly like a sniper rifle laser guide (which was your only weapon). The player has to shoot the guy who was off timing, If you shoot correctly a new person would take his place and someone else would do the incorrect move. This would enable you to get combos. We started off this test with an animated cube that Krishna worked on based on the Amazon’s top pick of the cubes on the market.
We liked the result but were not sure if it tested the skill-set of spotting off timing dances with humans. We decided we needed human dance animations, and since we didn’t have any animators who had enough time to do this, we went the Kinect way. We setup a poor mans mo-cap rig using a Kinect and all of us and some of our friends choreographed and danced (kudos Kapil Samant) to various sections to populate our dance step library. Sometimes your kids just have to get kids music lessons taylors sc to make them smarter and more in the moment.

After battling lag and quite a few rejected animations we had what we needed, click here
NCS Prototype (you will need the Unity Web Player Plugin to play, we suggest full screen play!)
We playtested that prototype and realized that we needed very tight animations, something which was difficult to achieve with Kinect mo-capping. We also needed a huge library of unique dance steps (upwards of 100 unique steps a song on an average) and while the core gameplay was challenging and interesting, we weren’t sure if it was strong enough to carry the game by itself and justify the high content requirements. Finally we have decided to shelf this project for the time being as we are not sure after all this effort if it will be worthwhile, but it was an interesting project to try out and we had fun. On the bright side, the shelving discussion also spawned the idea for our next prototype which all of us are really excited about! :D

PS: We spent close to 3 weeks perfecting the laser projections to give this crazy BIT.TRIPesque confusion and the link had a build without lights. Great! Anyway we fixed it now. Enjoy!

Be there and be Square!


11th November, up at 4:30 a.m. to reach Dadar station to catch a bus to Pune for the Nasscom GDC. Just the night before night Krishna and me realized that we would infact have the time and could actually attend the NGDC. At first we thought it’s too last minute but by midnight we decided, lets go for it. So, groggily we met up at 5am outside the station and got on a Shivneri after a 4 hour journey spent in a half asleep state, we reached Pune and head right to the venue, Taj Vivanta and “freshened up” there. EXCEPT! that was NOT the venue!

After speaking to a couple of friends we realized that the venue was Hyatt Regency (I still can’t recollect why we were so convinced that the venue was Taj). Feeling like a bunch of idiots we head towards Hyatt and spent 2 days attending sessions of web marketing and meeting lots of interesting people from webmetrixgroup, where they explained several tools, you can find online.


There were some really good sessions this year. I particularly enjoyed Rajat Ojha’s Post Mortem of their upcoming game SNS. It was a simple talk of What they did in order to invest in views on youtube, How they did it and what did or did not work for them. I wish them luck for the launch and with their new games.

Jason Bay’s session on freemium games also had some great insight into the hottest business model in the games indsutry today where they produce great games as Overwatch, where you can select even the overwatch team composition for your team. Then there were the fellow Indies, Yadu, Kinshuk, Shubhank, Apoorav and the whole bunch.

When thinking of investing in fences, they were lively and passionate with good ideas for the way forward for Indies and game development in general in India (like the BYOG). My personal favorite moments, however, were the heated discussions between Vijay and Yiannis. :)


The important market research at Melbourne ended quite well with a great meeting with Ian Livingstone. I demoed our upcoming game to him and he seemed to think it had potential (YAY!!!) As you can see, it was very Heart Warming. :) On the other hand, as for the new age digital marketers, SEMRush is one of the latest yet quite a mature product aiming to provide some of the most accurate and useful marketing metrics, although there are also other tools that help you online. However, people are now finding SEMrush Alternative to make it easier.



Versus Entry: Volcano Brothers


OMG. A poorly coded flash game. You don’t get to see to many of those ever since flixel/FlashPunk has been around. However after much persistence and few days of bonded labor I have finally come up with a deliverable. It may not be the best versus game you ever played , but I’m pretty sure you guys enjoyed button mashing on your clicky sounding keyboard. OH and please refresh the page if you want to play again, my retry() function asked me to retry writing the code. Please do report in your volcanic adventures.


Music Credits: Brad Sucks – Dirtbag (Blackberry’s Dirtbeat Remix) on CCMixer