Super Mom 1

Super Mom 1 was developed for and has launched at no.1 on the US App Store in the free app section. The game has done over 1.3 million downloads in less than a week.


Great Indian Honeymoon

Another game developed by us for debuted at no. 1 in the free apps category in India. Here are some screenshots


Ninja Gogo

A fast paced side scrolling action adventure with RPG elements. You battle infinite waves of Ninjas with sword combos, shuriken throws and 10 different magical spells.
Here is a video of the game we made for our clients, Morning Egg Inc

Boxing Fighter Review

Review of the Boxing Fighter game

Boxing Fighter

Fight against 100s of opponents and climb the ladder to be the Champion. Customize your fighter and level them up. Play multiplayer with your friends over wifi.
Here is a video of the game we made for our client, Morning Egg Inc.