Yellow Monkey Studios on CNBC TV18 Young Turks

Yellow Monkey Studios and Finger Footie was features on CNBC TV18’s top entrepreneurial TV Show for upcoming entreprenuers, Young Turks.
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Finger Footie in DNA Mumbai

With football fever at its peak, fans are finding more and more reasons to rejoice.
The season has seen the launch of many football games. The latest addition to the list is a game called Finger Footie.
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Finger Footie Game Review – Mumbai Mirror

Although I thought otherwise, I was never one of the most agile players on the alma mater’s football grounds. Later, I sought virtual vindication in the PlayStation’s numerous versions of FIFA. Here, I was humbled by those with better handeye coordination. But my fervour for the game – real or virtual – remained undiminished. And now, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally found a football game at which I’m good.

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Finger Footie is Live

Hey everyone Finger Footie is now Live!
If you have iTunes you can click below and buy the game for $1.99 for the duration of the World Cup and $2.99 thereafter