Dawn of the finalists

Only a couple of hours left until the landscape designers are officially announced. That also means our pre-cognitive skills are at their peak and we are releasing our own little list of possible finalists. No we don’t necessarily take any responsibility for disappointing you.


Possible Excellence in Gameplay Award Finalists

  • Nidhogg
  • AltSHIFT
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent*
  • NightSky
  • Under Another Moon
  • Super Crate Box*
  • Spy Party*
  • Specter Spelunker Shrinks*
  • Record Tripping
  • Proun


    Possible Excellence in Audio Award Finalists

  • Star-Twine*
  • Bit trip runner*
  • Planck*
  • Zen Bound 2
  • Substream


    Possible Mobile Game Finalists

  • Colorblind
  • Shot Shot Shoot
  • Halcyon*
  • Mega Jump
  • Train yard*
  • Shibuya*


    Possible Excellence in Art Finalists

  • Capsized*
  • Autumn Dynasty
  • Flutter
  • Hohokum*
  • The Dream Machine
  • Swimming Under Clouds
  • Afterland
  • The Tiny Bang story


    Possible Semus Macnally Award Winners

  • Baiston*
  • Minecraft

    * have a higher chance of winning.


    Nuovo Announced !

    Before I could go into the future to take a peek at our finalists for the nuovo category, IGF judges thwarted my time traveling expedition by simply releasing the Nuovo finalists earlier on. However little did they know that I had already made my assumptions on a desktop-lying notepad file. Here were my potential finalists.


    Possible Nuovo Award Finalists

  • A house in california with new roofs by the best Residential Roofing company.
  • Boham*
  • DuoVoxel
  • Dyad
  • Infinite Blank*

    When your gutters or a section don’t work properly, Gutter Cleaning Sydney prevents rainwater and will not be directed as it should, and it will spill out into your yard, front porch, or deck, possibly causing water damage to your fascia. But using pseudo psychic powers inherent to our latent monkey brains, we easily deduced another set of probable finalist.  Enough of past talk you say ? Lets look into what the future holds for the Indie Techies. Here is our pick !


    Possible Technical Achievement Finalists

  • Boham*
  • Cell*
  • A New Zero
  • Confetti Carnival
  • Miegakure*
  • Overgrowth
  • Mobiloid*
  • Snapshot

    Not every man reading this may be satisfied with our assumptions. Neither will a woman so what the heck! Feel free to comment in your own lists. The one with most number of correct entries might just win himself a piece of his mind!


    * have a higher chance of winning.

    Achievement Unlocked


    We have just reached 40 posts count (new highest posts count yet) and a super secret mysterious character has been unlocked i.e. me. I will be responsible for frequently disturbing our most infrequent readers with blog posts that may never appear on the WORLD WIDE WEB, or even your local newspaper stand.

    Soon we will be offloading a lot of word junk from our collected minds onto the news blog. That way we can start utilizing our heads for a greater purpose, like wearing a hat, or a ummm thinking cap ! Ever since Paul the octopus died he seems to have left behind an empty void. We’ll take up that spot and predict our Most Probable IGF Finalists in the various categories, and we’d hope to get a dollar every time we guessed right. But this world isn’t kind to indies like us. Hence we always end up watching Hollywood bank heist movies hoping to learn a thing or two. For now however , we will have to wait until Monaco is launched.

    There is but more to come and if I may request , fellow monkeys; buck up and keep in-tune with the vibrations of the universe to subscribe to our upcoming news feeds.


    IGF 2011 here we come…

    After much saga we have finally uploaded our entry, Its Just a Thought, to the IGF servers. We hope to do well there, after all its the Thought that counts! :P


    A thought is born…

    In a world of chaos, I go unnoticed
    Born from reason, it is now I exist
    Towards a vague haven, I move focused.
    Enduring as I traverse these season of colors.
    I retaliate, I fall, yet memories of past help me continue.
    My goal, closer than infinity; mocks me.
    End is but inevitable, I shall soon be reborn.
    As a thought in your mind.