Yellow Monkey at the NASSCOM Gaming Forum’s 2nd Mumbai Meet up

We did a small Post Mortem of “It’s Just a Thought” at NASSCOM Gaming Forum’s 2nd Mumbai Meet up. Here are the links to the videos
Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 – coming soon (this has the Q&A followed by the next session)

Do leave us your thoughts on it.

It’s Just a Thought – Design Journey

Its been a while since we released our second game, It’s Just a Thought. We wanted to share with you the presentation of the game as it was delivered in Spain at HoPlay 2011. It’s been on our “To-Do List” for ages but we have been ignoring it forever. The presentation is not technical, but it mostly deals with some of the gameplay and design issues we faced during the development.
PS: All our slides have audio commentary so go easy with the clicks on the presentation, SlideRocket doesn’t seem to be very robust.


After much delay, here are some pics from my visit to Hoplay11. It was a great event with cool developers.

“Hoplay festival 2011 at Alhondiga Bilbao, Spain”

From Hoplay11, posted by Shailesh Prabhu on 10/07/2011 (20 items)

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It’s Just a Thought – hoPlay 2011 Winner – Best Original Idea

The one carrying h

You guys expecting to read something interesting from someone in an ecstatic state of mind?
I might as well go ahead and declare that henceforth 17th of September will be an OFFICIAL HOLIDAY for our team here at Yellow Monkey Studios. Also , I am President of the parallel universe Xe09Y77L.


And I’d like to thank ……………


It’s Just a Thought – Alhondigabilbao hoPlay 2011 finalist


Spain here we come



It’s Just a Thought has been nominated in all the categories of Spain’s Game Festival at Alhondigabilbao. HoPlay or noPlay, we are heading to SPAIN, well probably not we; but one of us! This means a lot to us and its little things like these that keeps us going. We would like to take this opportunity thank our ever encouraging fans (YOU). Now if you are in Spain and live even remotely close to Bilbao, get in touch with us…………