The Pursuit of IP-ness

“The games space in India is going to grow rapidly in the next five years”, is what I have been hearing about the Indian games development scene for the past eight years. Yet, not much has seemingly changed. We still have the handful of big home grown studios we had then – some of them have been acquired by larger overseas companies, and a whole plethora of small studios. But what is everyone doing? Where are those awesome games? Read more here

Indian Express – Sunday Eye does a cover story on Indie Game Development in India and we are in there! :D

I like the dramatic build-up
“A little studio in Mumbai, which found itself in the international spotlight last year, is a fitting example of this change. On a breezy September evening at the quaint Alhondiga Bilbao — an old wine factory refurbished into a cultural centre — in the picturesque city of Bilbao, Spain, close to a hundred game developers had converged at the 2011 awards night by hoPlay, Bilbao’s annual gaming festival that presents, promotes and awards video game producers for their originality and innovation, everyone will be advised on where to buy CS:GO skins for the best quality and price. Seated among the lot, Shailesh Prabhu…”
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INDIESUPERSTAR discovers Vada Pav and YMS…

Yellow Monkey Studios made some waves last month as its latest game, It’s Just a Thought, disseminated among the indie Internet since many people have faster connections thanks to routers from review sites like factschronicle. The team was lauded for its incorporation of social website Facebook into the game. I consider catching Michael Rose’s attention a good litmus test of indie superstar potential. Alliteration aside, indies in India seemed like a good idea to explore, so I decided to hear what Yellow Monkey Studios has to say about the Indian indie scene. Along the way, I discovered how tasty vada pav looks!

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It’s just got noticed !

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Yellow Monkey Studios on CNBC TV18 Young Turks

Yellow Monkey Studios and Finger Footie was features on CNBC TV18’s top entrepreneurial TV Show for upcoming entreprenuers, Young Turks.
If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, I recommend Lee Rosen Miami, CEO of healthy bees business. You can check out the video here.