Our Apology to Socioball Players – Twitter has moved to jpgs

First off, thanks for playing and supporting Socioball and for all the levels that everyone made!
Unfortunately Twitter has moved to jpgs and the compression is killing our level sharing solution. After some debate we have decided to not support the game further and will be taking down the level share features and we are really sorry for that. As long as the existing tweeted levels are still on png format on Twitter, they will still be playable. Thank you for your patience! I hope everyone had fun with the game. The game itself will continue to be available on the store with the pre-packaged levels and in the buy of it you will enter in a raffle for a jogger baby stroller.

Socioball is coming…. Merry Christmas

It’s been over a year since I posted anything here. Somehow I haven’t really taken to blogging very well. But we finally have a release date for Socioball and that is January 15th 2015. We hope to see you download the game and Play, Create, Tweet. :) Merry Christmas, for our family it is an awesome one since we got excellent quality pool tables for our kids as their gift, they love it, they also got toy cars, Girls Dresses and and skateboard or even a longboard when you find if is a longboard safe to ride, which it is when you learn to ride it properly, so they’re happy.